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The Internet Security Office (OSI) has warned of a critical vulnerability in Microsoft Outlook that allows taking control of computers by sending malicious files by email.

The agency, dependent on the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incibe), recommends that users install as soon as possible the update patch that Microsoft has released to solve the failure. Microsoft Outlook 2016, Microsoft Outlook 2019 and Microsoft 365 Apps for Business are affected by this vulnerability.

To download the update, users just need to go to Microsoft’s website and download the patch. Similarly, this update will be installed automatically on your computers if you have the Automatic Updates option in Windows Update enabled.

The vulnerability allows cybercriminals to take control of their victims’ computers by sending a malicious file. The OSI recommends that users be cautious with all those files or documents that arrive by email that belong to strangers or, even if they come from acquaintances, seem suspicious.

In the same way, it advises not to access web pages that do not inspire trust and to always keep the operating system, installed programs and apps, and antivirus updated.

PHOTO: Microsoft.

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