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A cruel blow to an elite Czech biathlete! All you have to do is wipe the tear and put your feet on the table

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She didn’t even have enough time to get ready to prepare for the season. The episode, which the Czech biathlon representative Eva Kristejn Puskarčíková has almost forgotten, has had a bad effect after a few weeks and she can’t just wave her hand over it. She contracted borreliosis and the team’s first foreign training ended prematurely for her.

Petr Slavík / Czech biathlon

She came, she saw, she left. He will not find the planned kilometers on the glacier in the heights above Ramsau. It was there that the Czech national team now settled during the first foreign training trip in the coronavirus period.

“If, after about a month, you find out that the little tick one day left you with a borreliosis failure, all you have to do is accept it, wipe away a tear, lie down, put your feet on the table, and receive a doctor’s gift in the form of antibiotics,” she complained on the instagram.

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“I came, I saw … I left.” Julius Eva Caesar When, after about a month, you find out that one day the little tick left you a borreliosis failure … all you have to do is accept it, wipe away a tear, lie down, give feet on the table and accept a gift from the doctor in the form of antibiotics.I am grateful for all that life brings, but pleased I am not #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger

Post shared by Eva Puskarčíková (@ eva.kristejn.puskarcikova), Aug 8, 2020 at 10:33 PDT

One of the most prominent members of the women’s team will therefore be absent from the training. In the normal course of treatment, the treatment could last for two weeks.

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The former biathlon star is also infected. She attached a strong message and showed her having fun in bed

The basic symptoms of the disease are fever, fatigue and headache. However, Lyme disease can bring complications and be remembered even after months.

A few months ago, she beat the development of her career for Tomáš Krupčík, among other Czech athletes, and for example, shooter David Kostelecký recently fought with her.

Biathlon is preparing a crisis scenario. What about the New Town?

“I’m grateful for everything that life brings, but I’m not very pleased,” admitted the 29-year-old racer.

The kayaker Dostál also got ill
The inconvenience called borreliosis also met the successful kayaker Josef Dostál, who ended the season before the disease was diagnosed. “The well-being after the season ended as soon as it started. Right after the first bike trip, I found out that I had gotten borreliosis from a tick.
He had ticks a month ago. “So it’s quite possible that it affected my performance at the Czech Championships,” he said. At the national championship in Račice at the turn of July and August, Dostál won four gold medals, but the pair with Jakub Špicar and Daniel Havel were not enough for the doubles with Radek Šlouf.
Even before the national championship, he planned that it would be the last races of the season marked by coronavirus for him. Planned events, which should be in the fall, will not participate. Preferred preparation for OH 2021.


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