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Art is active in the metropolis of Guadalajara and with the cultural reactivation that the city has had after several months in recess in the midst of the pandemic, galleries and independent spaces are underway to develop new projects and exhibitions that will show that the Pearl of Guadalajara is positions itself as one of the centers of creativity and artistic development.

Below you will find some of the activities that the Guadalajara galleries have active and that they also prepare exclusively for the city, starting with the Tiro al Blanco Gallery, whose exhibitions have been available since last October 15.

Martha Pacheco dies: Who was the painter from Guadalajara?

The back ”by Ben Hagari (Tel Aviv, Israel). The exhibition presents photographs of the project “The Back Part”, in the center of the project there is a protagonist whose face has been erased. Different scenarios portray a mundane existence in a world whose marks have been removed. Constantly turning his back on the camera, this isolated figure transformed the house into a theatrical stage, where he interacts with objects that become “animated” by their proximity to the faceless head.

Location: Juan Álvarez 833, Colonia Sagrada Familia, Guadalajara. More information: galeriatiroalblanco.com.


Garth Evans (Cheshire, United Kingdom). The exhibition features a selection of early works made in Britain, as well as works made in America. This show stems from another large display of Evans’ work at Chapter Arts, Cardiff, Wales, along with a large reinstallation of public work the artist did for the city in 1972.


“Castle without doors: legal notes to understand the time”, by Reynier Leyva Novo (Havana, Cuba). A series of 22 different legal procedures converted into mathematical origami, the project was carried out with the collaboration of a lawyer and a mathematician. It was part of an investigation developed during the international residency of the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros-La Tallera, of the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico. This body of work lands on the Mexican political and legal reality.



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