A customer leaves $ 2,000 tip in a restaurant in the US


A reasonable tip for most people in the United States is 20% of the total bill, but on Sunday night a customer decided to leave a 260% gratuity at a Chicago restaurant. The restaurant announced Monday that the generous customer, who identified himself only as “Mike, who was visiting from Seattle,” left a tip of $ 2,000 for a $ 759 bill. After leaving an initial tip of $ 300, the client went to the kitchen and gave $ 100 to each of the 17 team members, the restaurant said. The Boka restaurant is described as an exclusive site that serves seasonal American food, and has a Michelin star. “It was incredible that this happened unexpectedly and in a fortuitous way, and that someone showed so much appreciation,” said the Chicago Tribune’s Jon Leopold, general manager of the establishment. “This is not just about money, it’s about taking time with the people in the kitchen.” The time was perfect for the restaurant, nominated for his service for the prestigious James Beard Award, whose winner will be announced on May 7 in Chicago.


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