A day at the Grenoble Synchrotron with a Physics-Chemistry specialty group.

On Tuesday March 7, a group of 16 students was able to spend the day at the ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility), the most powerful synchrotron in the world.

The ESRF produces x-rays ten trillion times brighter than x-rays used in hospitals. Thanks to the brilliance and quality of its X-rays, it works like a “super microscope, which “films” the position and movement of atoms and thus reveals the structure of matter in all its complexity and all its beauty.

The objective of the day was twofold: to put yourself in the shoes of a group of researchers and to visit the facilities.

On the program for this beautiful day:

– Presentation of the synchrotron: its history, its operation, its usefulness.

– Carrying out experiments using the same techniques as those used at the synchrotron in order to solve a problem;

– Site visit ;

– Meals in the superb canteen

– Realization of posters and slideshows on the experiences of the morning.