A day in the business: A heavy blow to pubs, people start cutting back spending

Clients of the fallen Bohemia Energy recalculate how much they will pay for electricity and gas from new suppliers. And they have to spin dolls from the price lists of suppliers of last resort, because they probably didn’t expect a 100 percent increase in price.

Although this is an extreme case, analysts promise that the market situation will calm down next year, but one thing is clear – the rise in prices is beginning to be written down in items that cannot be saved much. One does not stop shining, drowning, eating… and so hundreds of thousands of households begin to cut back on expenses that they evaluate as necessary.

For pubs, hairdressers, operators of fitness or wellness centers or travel agencies, this is another very bad news after the covid.

Asia wants to rejuvenate, well for southern Bohemia

The company from southern Bohemia, which produces cosmetics and face masks from caviar extract originating from Vodňany sturgeons, is preparing to expand to the Chinese market. He wants to use the IC Mall trading platform for this.

Home Credit will be split

The former CEO of the installment company Home Credit, Pavel Vyhnálek, and his partners offered the PPF Group to buy Asian operations from the installment company Home Credit from it. For some in Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines, he is willing to give a billion dollars, or 22 billion crowns.