a day to thank those who donate life in each blood donation

June 13, 2022 – 11:40 a.m.

As every year, World Blood Donor Day will be celebrated around the world on June 14. This event serves to thank voluntary unpaid donors for a life-saving gift, as well as to raise awareness of the need for regular donations for timely and affordable access to safe, quality blood and blood products, as part of integral part of universal health coverage and a fundamental component of effective health systems.

At the Central Blood Bank of Misiones, they receive daily at their Posadas headquarters and at the Eldorado and Oberá Postas, a dozen missionaries who come to donate blood with one purpose: to contribute a grain of sand to help others. Not to mention the external collections that are carried out throughout the year in different parts of the province.

They, solidarity heroes

Nataya FloresHe has been a blood donor for six years. “I made the decision to be a donor because of several campaigns that were carried out in my Faculty and also because of the campaigns that have been carried out through NGOs. In my family we are several blood donors, especially my father who comes every two or three months to the collections”.

Regarding the doubts or myths that exist around the donation of blood around our body, Nataya said that “being a donor does not affect my health at all, I can continue doing my daily activities calmly.”

The young woman encouraged the population to join the voluntary donation, “it is very important that we all contribute, we can save four lives for each donation every two or three months in the collections or at the bank posts, let’s be supportive.”

Dario Galeano He is a plasma donor and has been a voluntary donor for years. “I started donating blood a long time ago in a campaign that was held at the University I was attending. It was a pleasant experience and from that moment I began to come to the blood bank, in my family we are several donors for a health issue since a while ago my grandmother needed donors and my father started with this custom.

Physically I never had a negative effect being a donor, on the contrary, I always felt good. Blood donation is a personally and emotionally rewarding experience. As a plasma donor, I participated in the sponsorship program, I donated specifically for a child who had a complex pathology and it was very gratifying because I knew who it was for and the positive effects it had on his health. For that reason, I invite you to be part of this great emotion”, highlighted Darío.

10 years ago, Gaston Roux He made the decision to be a blood donor and some time later platelets, due to an accident I suffered in 2001 from which, thanks to the blood bank and the donation of many people, I was able to save myself. In my family there are also blood donors and being a donor does not affect me in any way, on the contrary, it helps others.

I invite you to come closer, to be donors, the process is short, fast and that small action helps many people, since it is a vital element for people who have an illness or some ailment”, stressed Gastón.

Who can donate and how is the process?

The doctor Karen Safulko, Hemotherapy and Immunohematology specialist, member of the Bank team, recalled who can be voluntary blood donors. “Any person between the ages of 18 and 65, who is in good health, does not have any diagnosed disease, or is under medical treatment or is taking antibiotics at the time of coming to donate and never attends fasting.”

Each donor who approaches the Bank, the Posts or the collections must go through the clinical interview process, where “the Technician will evaluate if that person is suitable to donate based on a questionnaire. Then it goes to the stage of physical examination, temperature control, hematocrit level and hemoglobin (to know that he is not anemic). Once all these requirements are approved, the extraction stage is passed, where only 450 ml of blood is extracted and the extraction should not last more than 15 minutes. From the start of the interview to the donation, it takes 45 minutes.”

The extraction process is painless and you can continue with normal daily activities. Once the donor has completed their donation, “that little bag of blood goes through several biological qualification processes, where we have a fractionation part where that bag is divided into its different blood components, red blood cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma and also cryoprecipitates. In addition to the serological study to rule out infectious diseases transmissible by transfusion”, concluded Safulko.




Place: Blood Bank in Posadas, Postas in Samic de Oberá and Samic de Eldorado.

Hour: 7 to 19 hours.



Place: Saint Basil the Great Institute

Address: Of. Rademacher N.º 2945

Hour: 8 to 16 hours.



Place: ISAM

Address: Of. Russia No. 410

Hour:10 to 16 hours