A demonstration so that bed bugs do not invade Marseille

They have some Fed up with bedbugs. They came to say it this Friday at the end of the day, rue Sénac, in the first arrondissement of Marseille. Aurélie, a resident of rue Sénac, is concerned by this problem. When you enter her house, at the top of the street, you are struck by the number of garbage bags littering the synthetic lawn of this garden level. Indoors, clothing should be treated against l’invasion.

Bedbugs, this mother got to know them last year, but without realizing it right away. “AT Marseille, there are mosquitoes, so when you are bitten, you don’t immediately think of bed bugs“, recognizes Aurélie.

Followed by many treatments, until the intervention of a bug detector dog which detected foci of contamination in a cupboard, a piece of furniture, “but not in the mattresses“specifies Aurélie.

“Every day, the inhabitants of the street get rid of their mattresses, of their furniture there is nothing to be done.” – Katia Yakoubi, spokesperson for the Bedbugs collective

For the Bedbugs collective, which is alarmed by the situation, the authorities, starting with the Ministry of Health, consider the problem of bedbugs as an individual problem: “We must not, in addition to blame those who have bedbugs at home“protested Katia Yakoubi, spokesperson for the collective.

Treat the problem on a large scale

Katia Yakoubi calls on the town hall of Marseille to take the problem head on. For the collective, the problem must be dealt with on a large scale, at the level of each building for example, with field expertise. “When the common parts are forgotten in the pest control, the infestation is very likely to return“, writes the collective in a press release.

According to the collective, 11% of Marseille households are affected by this invasion of bedbugs in Marseille. Beyond the physical consequences on those affected, there are also psychological repercussions: anxiety disorders, serious depression and even dropping out of school for some children, assures the group.

Bags in which infested clothes are treated © Radio France
Laurent Grolee
The call for collective mobilization "Sénac against bedbugs
The call for the mobilization of the collective “Sénac against bedbugs
senac against bedbugs