A captain saw his post suspended after sharing a photo on social media. Indeed this cliché provoked strong reactions among Internet users but also with his superiors. We tell you more.

The airline company Guilun Air had to sanction one of their captain. Why ? Because the latter made a very big blunder …

On November 4, the man shared a photo on his social networks where we see a passenger sitting in his place in the cockpit. According to the magazine The Global Times, a user would have made a screenshot of the photo and then share it again on the networks, which has not escaped the eye of the company officials.

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In the picture, we see a young woman sitting, who seems to be a flight attendant in training. For now, nobody knows if the shot was taken in full flight or not. What is certain is that the Chinese driver has been suspended for life! Air Guilun explains to The Global Times: "Air Guilin has always made passenger safety a top priority and has zero tolerance for inappropriate or unprofessional behavior that poses a threat to aviation safety."

Find this shot in the video just above!


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