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Because the phrase “A Diamond Is Forever” changed the habit of man’s marriage proposal, it was also because the young advertising writer Mary Frances Gerety (Mary Frances Gerety) created this slogan for De Beers in 1943, changing The status of women at the time allowed feminism to germinate.
Today, when feminism has begun, “A Diamond Is Forever” is still applicable. Because of the rarity and preciousness of natural diamonds, even at different stages of life, they can represent different meanings. This time, the famous fashion blogger Ruby Kwan and Christie’s vice president and senior expert in the jewelry and jewellery department Jiang Zhaoyao will share with you a woman’s wisest choice, not only to make clothes more confident, but also to add a taste to life.

The English “diamond” of diamond is derived from the indomitable and invincible meaning of the Greek word “adamas”, and is similar to the Latin word “adamare”, which means fiery love. (De Beers)

Diamond story

Speaking of diamonds, start with the name. The English “diamond” of diamond is derived from the Greek “adamas”, which means indomitable and invincible; it is similar to the Latin “adamare”, which means fiery love. Although it was only in 1943 that the advertising slogan became familiar to contemporary people, diamonds have been recorded in myths earlier than ancient times. For example, the ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were tears from the gods; the ancient Romans believed that diamonds were fragments of stars. However, the reason why diamonds are rare is that it takes tens of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years, to form. In other words, they are more ancient than the dinosaur era, and there are diamonds. At the same time, all natural minerals are limited, and diamonds are human beings. The hardest natural substance known is 58 times harder than the second. Regardless of its rarity or uniqueness, it is enough to give natural diamonds such a high status.

Fashion blogger Ruby Kwan and Christie’s vice president and senior expert in the jewelry and jewellery department Jiang Zhaoyao personally taught the knowledge of diamond selection. (De Beers)

The most basic knowledge 4C

After years of evolution, there has been a set of international standards for evaluating diamonds. I believe I have come into contact with them and know what 4Cs mean: C for Colour, Clarity, Carat Size and Cut ). The color of diamonds can be divided into two categories, colorless and colored series. Colorless includes colorless to light yellow. Fancy colored diamonds are extremely rare. In terms of clarity, the main reason is that diamonds are natural minerals with different sizes, quantities, and colors. Impurities; the weight of a diamond is calculated in carats, and 1 carat is equal to 200 milligrams. Turning refers to the cutting of diamonds, which is definitely a craft show. It calculates the cutting angle and measurement limit, and is equipped with precise polishing technology to bring out the diamond’s brightness. Fire and flash.

All 4Cs items are up to the highest quality to be called a perfect diamond. When choosing a diamond, you must also determine whether it is a natural diamond and whether the source is reliable. (De Beers)
We will use 4Cs to measure the quality of diamonds, plus the special circumstances of each diamond, such as rarity and historical background, and integrate these standards to measure the value of diamonds. When choosing a diamond, of course you have to look at the 4Cs, but you cannot ignore the 5C, which is Consumer Confidence. To determine whether a natural diamond is a natural diamond and whether the source is reliable are all factors that need to be carefully considered.

Jiang Zhaoyao (Vice President of Christie’s, Senior Expert of Jewelry and Jewelry Department)
This 1,098-calorie gem-level giant diamond is recognized as the third largest gem-level diamond in the world, unparalleled in the world. (De Beers)

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The beauty of natural diamonds

Natural diamonds already have the function of appreciation. In addition, many designers in history have been fascinated by diamonds, and spent their entire lives to create various accessories, making diamonds more valuable for collection. Recently, a 1,098 calories gem-quality giant diamond was discovered in Botswana, Africa, and it is recognized as the third largest gem-quality diamond in the world. Because mines around the world have begun to gradually stop production, it is quite rare to find it today. Diamonds on the market that are of collection-grade and investment functions may only account for a few percentages. Because of the hard properties of diamonds, their value will not return to zero as long as they are not damaged.

“THE SAKURA” set a new record for auction of fancy vivid purple pink diamonds. (De Beers)

Among them, natural colored diamonds are one of the rarest and most expensive gems in the world. For example, yellow diamonds, sapphires, and rubies have always been sold at high prices. If gems are inherently flawless, their value will be higher. Like De Beers’ “THE SAKURA” “Set a new auction record, “In May of this year, the Hong Kong Magnificent Jewelry and Jade Jewelry Spring Auction, 15.81-carat fancy purple-pink, inherently flawless diamond “THE SAKURA” sold for close to US$30 million, an average of nearly as high as US$1 per card. 1.8 million, setting a new auction record for fancy vivid purple-pink diamonds. It can be seen that fancy colored diamonds are indeed valuable in the market.” As the mines gradually cease production, I believe prices will continue to soar. Finally, Jiang Zhaoyuan sent a tip: “One thing we must pay attention to is the market price and the buying price at that time. If you don’t know it, you can ask more experts or industry insiders for reference.”

Each diamond earring with a center stone weighing 11 calories, the clarity, color, size, and turning are all top-notch, absolutely collectible diamond treasures. (De Beers)

In ancient times, women’s status was not high, and they were often described as men’s “appendages.” Therefore, many poets or figurative words used the momentary beauty of flowers as a metaphor for women’s youth. Therefore, some people who do not have a girl rights point out that the metaphor of flowers is Materialize women. In fact, they are all just made up of the background at the time. In contrast, Mary Frances Gratti’s “A Diamond Is Forever”, coupled with understanding the preciousness and knowledge of diamonds, uses diamonds to record the moments of women at different stages. I believe it is the most suitable metaphor for the moment.

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