A driver offered an apartment to a police officer after he was stopped in traffic. What the agent had discovered

A driver from Cluj wanted to bribe a policeman with an apartment, in order to get rid of the criminal case, after he drove even though he did not have a license. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year and six months in prison with suspension.

The driver was stopped in traffic on March 9, in Turda and taken to the police station for investigation, he had another serious misconduct on January 5, when he fled from the police. In order to get rid of the criminal case, the driver offered the agent 1000 euros, but he refused. So the man raised the stakes for … an apartment, writes Actual de Cluj.

“While the policeman was preparing the documents and talking to the defendant, the latter continued with the requests to be forgiven, took the money out of his pocket and offered it to the policeman, a proposal that was refused again. After the verifications performed and after it was found that the defendant did not have the right to drive vehicles, on January 5, 2020, the policeman informed him that a criminal file would be drawn up for committing the crime provided by art. 335 para. 2 of the Criminal Code (driving on public roads a vehicle for which the law stipulates the obligation to hold a driving license by a person whose driving license does not correspond to the category or subcategory to which the vehicle belongs or whose license has been withdrawn or revoked or whose exercise of the right to drive has been suspended or who does not have the right to drive in Romania -n.red.) and the defendant, in order not to fulfill his duties, promised the policeman an apartment, a promise refused again ” , prosecutors say.

The deed was reported by the police, and the driver admitted everything and received a sentence of one year and six months in prison with suspension under supervision for two years, for the recognition of the facts.

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