a driver's license traffic network dismantled in the Paris region


Ile-de-France: A vast network of driver's license traffic dismantled (Illustration) – Charlotte Gonthier / 20 Minutes

Hundreds of fake licenses have been minted for several years, 1,500 euros for the code, 4,000 for the permit. An extensive network of driving license traffic, including two driving instructors from
Val-de-Marne and the leaders of a driving school of
Seine-Saint-Denis, was dismantled, was learned Thursday at the floor of Bobigny.

In total, nine people were referred Thursday at the prosecutor's office in Bobigny. At the end of the first half of 2020, they will be judged for organized fraud, bribery, trading in influence, fraudulent obtaining of administrative documents, examination fraud and money laundering. They incur up to 10 years imprisonment and 1 million euros fine.

Traffic that went through Snapchat

The cyber-investigators of the judicial police of Paris have investigated for more than a year to bring to light the modus operandi and the protagonists of this vast traffic.

It was via Snapchat that touts promised "a safe driving plan via driving school" guaranteeing the obtaining of the driving license for 1,500 euros for the code and 4,000 euros for driving. Two driving school instructors from Val-de-Marne also recruited their students.

The candidates for fraud were then referred to a driving school in Seine-Saint-Denis whose leaders had two fictitious examinations of the code or conduct validated by two driving license inspectors in the computer system of the Ministry of the Interior. . The beneficiaries, estimated to number several hundred, then recovered an official driver's license.


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