A drunk drives his car to the main post of the Zug police (zentralplus).

What do you do if you see something suspicious? Right – you report this to the police. A 50-year-old Portuguese man thought the same thing and went to the Zug police headquarters at 3:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Good idea, bad execution. The Portuguese chose his car as a means of transport. The problem was that he was drunk and had 1.68 per thousand alcohol in his blood when he was checked.

Reason for blue trip – suspicious perceptions

When the man went to report his suspicious sensations at 3:30 a.m., the police discovered that the man was intoxicated. The 50-year-old was not a stranger. Already in the early evening, the man had attracted negative attention from the police. The police officers took the ID from the man that night.

He is not alone with this story. In the past, the police have occasionally greeted “blue customers”. An example comes from Lucerne in 2019. At that time, a 25-year-old man drove drunk to a police station. He wanted to report property damage to his car. However, he not only had damage to the car, but also 1.2 per thousand in the blood (zentralplus reported).

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