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The City of Lausanne wishes to offer a facelift to 4.3 million francs at the Pontaise stadium to guarantee the holding of Athletissima until 2026. Beyond this date, the future of the stadium is not yet known : it will be demolished or reassigned.

This 4.3 million works credit will soon be submitted to the Lausanne City Council. It should make it possible to carry out “essential works” for the short-term future of the stadium, explained Monday to the press Oscar Tosato, Lausanne municipal in charge of sports.

These works are intended for Athletissma, but also to welcome in good conditions the Federal Festival of Gymnastics in 2025. They should also benefit the various users of the stadium, such as FC Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy which, as soon as Lausanne-Sport moved. at the new Tuilière stadium in November, will move to la Pontaise.

In addition to various works related to stadium security, the project notably includes extending the indoor warm-up track, enlarging the race ring, creating a second infirmary and fitting out a new anti-doping room. Modernization of the entire power supply is also planned.

A stadium built over 60 years ago

“We can not do unless to continue hosting the meeting,” said Jacky Delapierre, boss of Athletissima. He noted that a first renovation project, estimated at 7.6 million francs, also planned to improve the reception of VIPs. This option was however ruled out after discussions with the City of Lausanne, in order to focus on priority works.

If these works should make it possible to keep the Pontaise until 2026, its future remains unclear for the future. The venerable stadium, built to host the FIFA World Cup in 1954, should initially have been demolished for housing.

However, a scientific commission proposed last June to classify this chamber in note 1, the highest. The Pontaise could thus be saved. Before that, the Grand Council will have to validate the new law on the protection of immovable cultural heritage. A heritage commission will then look into the matter. In the end, the decision to classify or not the Pontaise will be up to the Council of State, explained Oscar Tosato.

What reassignment?

In the meantime, “the City of Lausanne has already asked its various services to think about possible reallocations”, added the municipal. He put forward some ideas: construction of housing that integrates the stadium ring, space for an ice rink and tennis courts, creation of a public park.

A decision in principle from the municipality is not expected before summer 2021. It will be taken by the future Lausanne authorities, which will be renewed next spring, said Oscar Tosato, who is not representing himself.

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