A failed general. The Slovaks lost to Switzerland in the preliminary match

6.8.2022 07:07

The Slovak under-20 hockey team lost in its second preparatory match before the junior championship in Canada. After a triumph over Germany (5:3), they lost to Switzerland 2:3 on Saturday night. Coach Ivan Feneš’s team outshot the opponent 37:30 and he scored seven points.

Preparatory match before the World Cup 20:

Switzerland – Slovakia 3:2 (2:2, 0:0, 1:0)

Goals: 10. Muggli (Delemont), 15. Biasca, 50. Chanton (Sidler) – 1. Demek (Sýkora), 17. Dvorský (Faith).

Exclusion: 7:5 for 2 minutes, power plays: 0:0, weakness: 0:0, shots on goal: 30:37.

SR lineup: Boľo – Petrovický, Kmec, Stripai, Štrbák, Groch, Žabka, Nátny, Laurenčík – Jedlička, Demek, Sýkora – Petrovský, Myklucha, Kašlík – Honzek, Dvorský, Faith – Stümpel, Repčík, Kupčo – Kolenič

After the match, the coaching staff will narrow down the nomination from 27 names to the final 25. “We want to have it clear already on Saturday. Two players will leave us, probably one defender and one forward,” the portal quoted trainer Feneš.

The Slovaks have three training sessions in the next three days, a sharp start to the World Cup awaits them on Tuesday, August 9, from 20:00 CET in Rogers Place against the Czech Republic.

Votes after the match: /zdroj

Ivan Feneš, SR 20 coach: “Our game was especially excellent in the third period. We can build on the performance we performed for the future. The ratio of shots 20:1 in the third period declares an enormous difference in the game. We hit the crossbar seven times, we also tried a game without a goalkeeper. we didn’t succeed. Of course, we are sorry for the loss. But we can definitely build on the game shown and the character the boys showed towards the World Cup.”

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Dalibor Dvorský, scorer of the second goal of SR: “We started very well, we scored a goal, but after the Swiss equalized, our game dropped a bit. Shame about the goal at 3:2 in the third period. We pressed as much as we could. The Swiss threw themselves into the shots slowly with their heads. It didn’t bring a goal. We missed him a piece of luck. Hopefully we’ll have him at the World Cup.”

Samuel Honzek, striker SR: “We regret the loss. We had many chances, especially goals. We should have converted them, the result would have been different. There were a few things in the game that didn’t work out for us. We didn’t implement them the way we practiced them. However, if we repeat the performance from the third period and we improve the details, we can be successful.”