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A fake heir tricked wealthy New Yorkers to live a lavish life

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For ten months, I Sorokin lived a lavish life among members of the rich class community in Manhattan.

She introduced herself to the world as I am Delphi, the German heiress for a fortune of 60 million euros (67 million dollars). She lived in five-star hotels, dressed in luxury, dressed in sumptuous parties, boarded private jets on her travels, and gave a pittance of more than $ 100 at a time.

It quickly assumed a status among the wealthy class community in New York City.

But this Delphi never had a real existence; its real name is I Sorokin. A 28-year-old German fraudster who is currently facing a trial in which she faces charges of stealing $ 275,000 worth of money in a number of memorial operations.

"The accusations against her from Czech fraud range from theft of hundreds of thousands of loans, as well as her plans for a free trip to Morocco and travel on board," said Siros Vance, Manhattan District Attorney, in presenting the initial charges against Sorokin in October 2017. " Private jets ".

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I am Sorokin (right) at the New York 2014 Fashion Awards

Private jets and luxury flights

Prosecutors say Sorocene between November 2016 and August 2017 has not only been on hotels, banks and businesses, but also friends.

Sorokin used to appear in fashion and fine arts and announced plans to launch a special literary club, the Anna Delphi Foundation.

Sorokin claimed that she needed to borrow money and bureaucratic obstacles prevented her from transferring her wealth from Europe to the United States.

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Anna Sorokin has 56,000 followers on Ingestram

In November 2016, Sorokin filed bank statements and other forged documents for a $ 22 million loan to open her Manhattan art club in New York.

Her request was rejected, but she was granted an advance of $ 100,000.

According to prosecutors, Sorokin used unencumbered checks to transfer funds between different bank accounts and withdrew funds before the checks were returned.

Prosecutors have accused her of using fraudulently obtained funds to pay her $ 30,000 bill to stay in a sumptuous hotel in the upscale Soho district of New York City.

She was also charged with chartering a private jet and not paying the $ 35,000 bill.

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A private bird worth a fortune of $ 67 million

One of her victims, Rachel Williams, told New York Magazine that she had received a call from Sorokin for a trip to Morocco. When she refused the forged heirloom credit card, she asked her friend to pay the bill for a promise to return it.

The trip included the rental of a luxury villa with a swimming pool and a private server for six nights. Williams did not get $ 62,000 on the trip.

"Not a fashion show"

Prosecutors said Sorokin used the money to buy expensive clothes, pay for personal training sessions and a luxury lifestyle.

But her lawyer, Todd Spudk, told the jury that his client never intended to steal money from anyone; she was trying to buy time to start a successful business and repay her debts.

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Sorokin refused to appear in court wearing a dress she said did not meet her standards

As the trial progresses, with the expected appearance of 25 witnesses in the court yard, a detail has emerged that has caught the attention of journalists: the price of the defendant's clothes, which include luxury brands such as Yves Saint Laurent and Mio Mio.

Sorokin reportedly has her own fashion specialist. The court twice rebuked her for having refused to wear the clothes she had been given to wear in court, saying she did not meet her standards of dress.

"This is not a fashion show, this is the last day we play in clothes," Judge Diane Kessel said at one of the two occasions when she was late in court.

Sorokin has been detained since 2017. If convicted, she may face up to 15 years in prison. She may be deported to Germany as her visa expires.

Her story is about a track on the Netflix entertainment network; it is written and produced by Shunda Rimes, whose company is produced by Grays Anatomy and Scandal.


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