A family from Hissarya decided to go for a walk to Edirne, but their return turned into a nightmare

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“Madness! Border police have closed the border and cannot enter Bulgaria because of the elections.” This was announced by Daniela Todorova, who yesterday with her husband made a trip to neighboring Turkey.

Today, however, on his return, the family from Hissar, who was traveling in his personal car, remained at the border for two hours in a convoy of cars with Germans, Romanians.

There were also Turkish cars, but there were no buses with Turks to Bulgaria. They did not check us, they just blocked the road from the Border Police and said that they were ordered to do so because of the elections, Todorova added.

However, after more than two hours of waiting, she and her husband managed to enter Bulgaria, but behind them there is a kilometer-long queue of vehicles and it is not known whether the other people will cross the border, Blitz writes.

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