A near of break-ins to repeat, his property in Pussan has been the subject of a burglary out of the ordinary.

over 47 years that this family in sete has this farmhouse in the middle of vineyards and olive groves in the countryside of Pussan, it was thought to be accustomed to the various robberies which hit her. “We had 20 break-ins in 47 years, explained these people preferred to keep anonymity. During this period, there were twenty locks to change. We stole sulfateuses, equipment of gardens, a stove, gas cylinders, dishes, grills…”. In short, they are accustomed to the spoil.

“We haven’t even found a single screw or washer”

But here, probably last Wednesday, it was the pom-pom : they stole the roof. The tile. The plates of Eternit© grey, and red of the building and the terrace will be replaced in 2014, volatilisées. “We haven’t even found a single screw or washer”, are surprised Sétois who have also had the unpleasant surprise to see their portal to the earth, as well as the doors and shutters open to great blows of a pickaxe. They have, of course, complained to the police of Mèze.

Two bay windows, carefully cut out not far from there

Obviously, this campaign poussannaise has a sacred dimension. A few days earlier, another mas, most recent, had received the visit. Here, the electric gate had been thrown to the ground. Two beautiful bay windows had been carefully cut out and taken away. Carried away everything that was inside of the mas, as well as… two-generator groups.

Finally, a little further on, a breeder of horses, had been “relieved” of fifty metal poles used for the electrification of its fences. These victims have also complained.

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