A family intoxicated by mushrooms bought on the market


Illustration of a mushroom. – ALLILI MOURAD / SIPA

Several family members, who bought mushrooms at the Octeville (Manche) market on Sunday, were victims of a
food poisoning. Sold by an individual, these mushrooms of the type coulemelle were not edible, reports The Channel Press.

In a statement, the prefecture of the Channel invites "people who have also bought mushrooms from this occasional seller" not to consume them. Because of the weather, "a sharp increase in the number of intoxications is observed throughout the national territory," adds the prefectural document.

Strict rules of picking and selling

The prefecture also recommends sellers who are tempted to sell their picking be particularly cautious. Indeed, "some highly poisonous poisonous mushrooms are very similar to edible species," the statement said. It should also never offer mushrooms picked to young children. "

Mushroom picking is strictly regulated. Sellers do not have the right to sell or donate mushrooms that may have been harvested from state forests. Harvesters must not take more than 5 kg of mushrooms and these are reserved for strictly personal use.

The sale is also regulated. A seller must be registered in the Trade and Companies Register. It must pay a fee to the town hall in case of sale on the market and get a road permit to sell his stock direct sale.


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