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A federal court has dismissed US antitrust lawsuits on Facebook

by archyw

A pair of verdicts published on the Internet show that the FTC has not proved in the eyes of the court that Facebook has a monopoly position in the field of social networks. According to Judge James Boasberg, the states attacked the controversial acquisitions of the Instagram and WhatsApp platforms too late.

The US media view the development as a hard blow to the FTC, which demanded the break-up of the alleged monopoly of the Californian company, but also noted that the office may reopen the case in a modified lawsuit. According to CNBC, Facebook shares rose 3.4 percent after the report dismissing the lawsuits. At the same time, the market value of the company exceeded one trillion dollars (over 21 trillion CZK).

“Although the court does not agree with all of Facebook’s allegations in this case, in the end it is of the opinion that the agency’s (FTC) complaint is legally insufficient and must therefore be rejected,” the court order for the regulator’s action said. has failed to provide enough evidence to establish credibly … that Facebook has a monopoly power in the personal social networking market, “the memorandum continues.

The lawsuit, filed jointly by many U.S. justice ministers, failed for two main reasons. The first is its departure from the contested steps: Facebook bought the rival Instagram network in 2012, and the communication service WhatsApp two years later. At the same time, according to the court, the state’s complaint is not based on “current antitrust law” when it challenges Facebook’s policy of not allowing “interoperability with competing applications”.

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