A female robot named CEO of a company, never seen in the world

Have the robots taken over? Yes, at least from one company. In China, Net Dragon Websoft, one of the largest video game designers in the country, has decided to appoint a certain Mrs. Tang Yu at the helm of its subsidiary based in Fujian in the south of the country. Except that Tang Yu is not human, but a robot, more exactly an artificial intelligence, reports Europe 1. This is the first time that a virtual humanoid has been appointed head of a company.

Operational 24 hours a day

Why Net Dragon Websoft, which weighs several billion dollars, made this choice? “Tang Yu will help us in the field of management and administration as well as in operational matters, because we are already using artificial intelligence during many internships in order to develop our activities”, argues Simone Lung, vice- president of the company founded in 1999.

Tang Yu should contribute to the improvement of work tasks and allow a gain in speed in their execution, according to Net Dragon Websoft who wants to believe in management by AI. The robot will be practically always operational and will not need to take breaks or sleep.

An unpaid CEO

According to the Chinese company, the management qualities of the CEO robot will be improved by its real-time data storage capabilities. Enough to make the best decisions, according to society. Another advantage, Tang Yu will not receive any salary, bonus or stock option.

This decision allows Net Dragon Websoft to advance in the field of the metaverse which is currently developing, by making here a junction between the digital universe and the real world of the company.

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