A female wallaby was rescued by the Montluçon firefighters

The firefighters intervened Wednesday afternoon to recover this Bennett wallaby, after the call of a walker who made this discovery ” to say the least surprising »Near Domérat (Allier), tells the Sdis 03 on its Facebook page. Photos of the unusual capture have been posted on the site.

The animal, a female ” very calm », a « wisely awaited the arrival of the Sdis veterinarian “Before being transferred to the animal park Le Pal, located a hundred kilometers away, in Dompierre-sur-Besbre, according to firefighters. She was placed in quarantine in the clinic of the establishment ” to avoid contact with other animals », Said Arnaud Bennet, director of the Pal.

Two owners claimed the animal

A resident of Souvigny (Allier) came forward on Thursday, saying she had lost the wallaby she owned for a month, said Nicolas Gély, zoological manager of the park. Shortly afterwards, a resident of Domérat in turn contacted the establishment: “ He lost his pet two days ago and his description matches us », Underlined Nicolas Gély.

But the animal will not find its owner for several days, he said: the park is in contact with the veterinary services of the prefecture, which will have to determine the conditions under which it was detained. This wallaby ” does not come from us, it has no markings and all our animals are microchipped », Had assured the director of Pal.

The absence of marking could complicate the identification of its owner, according to him : ” It is a wild animal that must be declared. It remains to be seen whether he was legally detained … “

Also known as a red-necked wallaby, Bennett’s wallaby is the most common and widespread of wallabies. Gray or brown, he looks like his cousin the kangaroo, taller than him.


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