a feminist book for non-feminist women – La Nación

A contemporary vision that narrates what happens to women. It contains small daily reflections that speak about sexism, discrimination, machismo, gender violence, human rights and female empowerment.

Through the use of culinary metaphors so well known to women, the author takes us on a walk through those stories with which it is easy to identify, but which, nevertheless, we hardly ever talk among ourselves. Faced with this situation, the author proposes total disobedience … you, reader, will judge who we should disobey.

This book proposes topics of discussion for you, your mother, your sisters, your daughter, your neighbor, your co-workers, your collaborators, your mother-in-law, all of you to express your opinion and discuss these taboo topics. In many of the issues that the author raises, you may not agree, and that will be fine, the important thing is that we talk about it and that we generate opinions from ourselves and not from a system that oppresses us and makes us live in inequality .

The author

Carla R. Brunetti is a communicator by profession, Master in Latin American Literature, certified coach and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Human Rights and Gender Perspective at the University of Salamanca. He has written several books including: Stories of long nails, Write to be happy and La Nica. Currently he is dedicated to giving workshops on Human Rights, literary and therapeutic writing.

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