a few counters, all in compliance with the checks

After two years Modena was able to savor the taste of the Sant’Antonio fair with its stalls in the historic center. A taste that turned out to be bittersweet, however, as it was legitimate to expect given the difficult times associated with the contagion. A “diluted” fair and much reduced compared to what we were used to seeing: a factor mainly due to the many absences among the street vendors themselves. Compared to the almost 500 usual attendees, today there were a total of 254 stalls present at the fair.

The spacing between the stalls certainly contributed to making the center less congested, but the impression was that of a net generalized decrease in attendance, as was to be expected (also thanks to the weekdays). Compared to the hypothesis, no one has been located in Piazza XX Settembre, one of the new areas made available to “free” the narrowest streets (for example, via Castellaro and via Scudari) and avoid double fronts. Of the 18 planned in Piazza XX, in fact, only three operators showed up in the morning and were placed in empty parking spaces in Piazza Grande. The other areas used to place the stalls moved from the other areas of the historic center were Piazza Matteotti, Piazza Roma and Largo San Giorgio.

Controls and sanctions

528 Green Passes were checked, between morning and afternoon, by the local police to the commercial operators present at the Sant’Antonio Fair in Modena. Apart from two collaborators, sanctioned and immediately removed from the sales counter, they were all in compliance with the “strengthened”, as required by the municipal ordinance which also allowed the organization of the event developed in a larger area than usual to reduce the risk of gatherings and ensure the possibility of maintaining the distance between people.

Even those who shopped or went to the counters to look at the goods had to be equipped with an enhanced Green Pass. The random checks carried out on almost 400 citizens led to two penalties that were added to the three for people who were without a mask. In addition, three well-known no-mask activists showed up at the gazebo in Piazza Torre set up by the local police, which was resolved in a few minutes.

In the main entrances to the historic center, information gates have been organized, with posters, leaflets and the presence of volunteers from the municipal group of Civil Protection to invite behavior that respects the prevention rules: from the use of the mask to the distancing. Other volunteers, together with those of the associations that collaborate with the local police for safety, have carried out similar activities by moving within the fair.

Until the middle of the afternoon there were only two reports of theft presented to the local police: one for a wallet and one for a scooter. The local police also drew up a report for a construction site that disturbed the fair with the production of excessive dust. And for two stalls, the sanction will be triggered for an unauthorized relocation of their location.