A few days before the start of the school year, wearing a mask becomes compulsory around Mons schools

All nursery, primary and secondary schools in Mons, all networks combined, are affected by this new regulation, which applies to anyone over 12 years of age. This measure comes a few days before the start of the school year, in prevention to the potential risk that groups of parents, students and teachers could represent in terms of the spread of the virus.

In accordance with the recommendations of the circular of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, from Tuesday 1 September, anyone present near any kindergarten, primary and secondary school in Mons will therefore be required to wear a mask according to the ordinance. of police signed by the mayor of the City of Mons.

The threat of coronavirus

Given the health risk that the coronavirus still represents, its high contagiousness, the emergence of new sources of contamination and the resumption on the rise in cases of infection, it was essential to act preventively by making the mask compulsory for patients. entering and leaving schools, where groups of parents and grandparents are formed regularly.

As a reminder, the police order already makes the wearing of a mask compulsory in several places of the Mons entity: car parks in shopping centers, meeting areas, parks, squares … All the measures taken by the local level in the framework of the fight against the coronavirus is complementary to the decisions taken by the Governor of Hainaut who henceforth imposes the obligation to have a mask on oneself throughout the provincial territory. The objective is to deal with any possible risky situation.

Once again, the City of Mons calls for the vigilance and solidarity shown by the people of Mons since the start of the pandemic to protect vulnerable people.


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