A field hospital and 83 additional rescuers, including people from Var… France strengthens its support for Turkey

In addition to the 139 rescuers already present on the spot, France will deploy a field hospital and 83 additional rescuers in Turkey, where the toll of the earthquake which shook the south-east of the country on Monday continues to increase, firefighters said on Tuesday. du Gard, at the head of this mission.

This mobile hospital “will be autonomous for a minimum of 15 days and will be able to provide, in addition to other lighter care, 10 to 15 surgical procedures per day”.

The structure of almost 2,000 m2 has a delivery block, two operating blocks, a laboratory, a pharmacy, a sterilization room and a resuscitation unit, as well as treatment rooms. reception and follow-up of the wounded, according to the same source, which specifies that its deployment could be extended if necessary.

It is within the framework of aid to Turkey decided by the European Union that the French civil security department, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior, has decided to send this hospital which, “for historical reasons” East “stored” in this department in the south of France, said the head of communication for the Gard firefighters, Lieutenant-Colonel Eric Agrinier.

Rescuers from UIISC 7 in Brignoles

A reconnaissance mission will leave Marseille on Wednesday morning, with the particular task of determining the location of the hospital, known as the “Element of rapid civil security for medical intervention” (“Escrim”).

A team of 83 rescuers will follow “Thursday or Friday”taking with it about 60 tons of material.

Twenty-three firefighters from the Gard will be part of this detachment, including the mission chief doctor Isabelle Arnaud, accompanied by a surgeon, two emergency physicians, a pharmacist, two midwives, eight nurses and 11 logisticians. The other rescuers are soldiers from the civil security lifeguard unit (UIISC 7) based in Brignoles, in the Var.