A fight between a passenger and a flight attendant on an Egyptian plane

Al-Marsad newspaper: a video clip documented an argument between an African passenger who speaks Arabic and an Egyptian host because the passenger was sitting on a seat other than the seat allotted to her and her refusal to instruct the employee to go to her seat.

The video showed the passenger insulting the host, saying to him: “If your father faces him, he will not rise from my place.” The host replied, saying that he would inform the pilot of the plane that had not yet taken off to stop in order to file a report for the passenger.

In turn, Egyptian sources said that the company is looking into the circumstances of the incident that occurred on the plane heading from Cairo to the Ghanaian capital, Accra, explaining that the employee was summoned and asked to board the plane and deal with the passenger who did not adhere to the seat assigned to her.