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A film about the life of a British journalist who exposed Stalin

A film about the life of a British journalist who exposed StalinSource image
Mr Jones

Not only did the false news begin with the current era of US President Donald Trump, but it was echoed in 1933 when Welsh journalist Gareth Jones revealed Stalin's famine caused by his agricultural policies and resulted in the death of 10 million people. Jones was accused of fabrication and accusations were made to conceal the truth.

Later, the famous English writer George Orwell was influenced by this in his novel "The Animal Farm." Many of Orwell's famous words – "All animals are equal, but some are even more equal" – are occasionally repeated in the film.

James Norton, one of the protagonists of the McMafia series, was a great example of the character of journalist Garrett Jones, who was fortunate enough to be a journalist. He was famous for having found himself on a plane with Adolf Hitler and was able to interview him exclusively.

In the film, directed by Polish Aneeshka Holland, Jones goes to Moscow for allegedly pursuing an interview with Joseph Stalin as he did with Hitler, but in fact he follows his journalistic instinct and sneaks into Ukraine, which is banned by journalists. Later, Jones writes of his shock at what he saw from the effects of famine and says: "Everyone yells because there is no bread, and the death of their fate!"

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Although the film is a Polish film, it has three well-known actors in Hollywood, James Norton and Vanessa Kirby as journalist Ida Brooks, and Peter Sarsgaard as Walter Durante, editor of Moscow's New York Times.

Anniechka Holland, the 141-minute film, was nominated for an Oscar for Europe Europe in 1990 and recently received a big tribute for her contribution to the episodes of The Wire.

Throughout the film, Gareth Jones is the best in the journalism profession, while Walter Durante is the worst – which is what Sarsgaard has created in his portrayal to make the character more exciting than Jones himself.

Duranty Jones has been accused of fabricating eyewitness testimony, although history suggests that Durante himself knew the magnitude of the famine, but was close to the Soviet system and others are likely to have been under pressure.

The film highlights the moral mistrust of those in power through the gray and muddy London landscape where misery and austerity and old men rule and whisper in the dark, as well as bleak Soviet buildings.

The lights shine only at a gala ceremony in which Jones feels very distressed when Peter Sarsgaard is naked and may feel more constrained by the fate of journalists as they struggle to forget those who pay them.

Gareth Jones seems so pure that you feel he is not a human being. The viewer does not need many signals to realize what the ideals of the press should be today. Journalists in Berlin laughed when Norton Jones told reporters that journalists should follow the facts "not one side or the other."

But when eyewitness accounts of such a famine are denied, one thinks of the hype that would have been the case on Twitter and the controversy that would have been raised in Jones's report today.

Holland reflects the relentless desire to believe Stalin; many thinkers were keen to see Stalin as antidote to Hitler, and therefore were not prepared to believe that his policies had caused all these horrors.

The film quotes George Orwell's "It's No Hope So", based on the credibility of Jones's account of the famine. But hope remains as long as people in our world, like Gareth Jones, roam the Bekaa with their bikes, revealing the truth to the world.

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