A fire accident occurred in a group of Tesla Megapack batteries in Victoria, Australia

Victorian Big Battery

A group of 13-ton Tesla Megapack super battery packs near Geelong, Victoria, southeastern Australia, caught fire during the test at 10 am local time on Friday. The local fire fighting unit sent special chemical firefighters to put out the fire in protective clothing, and used drones to monitor the surrounding atmosphere. To be on the safe side, several villages and towns around have received warnings of toxic smoke, requiring residents to enter the house, close all doors, windows, vents and chimneys, and bring pets indoors.

The battery pack belongs to a battery farm facility called “Victorian Big Battery”. The facility uses batteries provided by Tesla and is operated by French energy company Neoen to provide local power load balancing services. Victorian Big Battery stated that all staff in all facilities have been evacuated safely and no one was injured. Neoen and Tesla are cooperating with the local fire service unit to handle the situation.

Victorian Big Battery is a group of battery farms with 300MW power and 450MWh battery capacity. It is a new project of Neoen and Tesla after the success of Hornsdale in South Australia. Like Hornsdale, its main function is to store it in batteries when unstable green energy sources such as solar or wind have surplus, and to supply power to the grid when power is short. The power supply system will automatically adjust the price of electricity for sale and purchase according to the current fluctuations in electricity consumption, and battery farms can profit from the difference in electricity prices. In addition, Victorian Big Battery has also signed a contract with the Australian Energy Market Dispatching Center. In the event of an emergency such as a power failure, it can provide the Victorian power grid with a capacity of up to 250MW in a short period of time, and stabilize it before the standby power generation equipment is activated. Voltage.

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