A fire broke out on the sick Damu Roland, begging for money


For most of the netizens, he ran the assurance that the actor was begging on the community side for financial help so he could pay for his housing and run for medicine.

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Damu Roland has been begging on Facebook for weeks! He asks his fans to send him money urgently, as he is so ill that he has fallen into bed, unable to work, which has jeopardized his livelihood.

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He barely runs to him for medication, let alone housing!

The actor, who is hit by the rod, also shared a few days ago that he had a viral sore throat that later spread to his vocal cords and stomach as well. However, his latest post reveals something different. He now has pneumonia, larynx and chest inflammation.

However, commentators were not very empathetic in reading Roland’s sad story. Many say begging for gas “alms” on Facebook, you should rather go to work!

“A little sore throat? Joke!”

“I’m sorry so far! The easiest to bark. ”

“Pay the child arrears and your soul will calm down.”

“Aching of conscience makes the soul sick.”

Such and similar posts have been received on Facebook by the struggling actor, who is struggling with various diseases, though there were those who pushed him.

One lady said she cheated money on women

A In 2019, a woman who asked for her name to be withheld contacted her to tell her: how Damu wanted to get him to give him money. The woman only anonymously dared to make a statement, as she feared that because of her honesty, Damu would visit her. At the same time, he wanted to reach as many women as possible, what the actor did.
According to him, Damu, on the internet, promised love to him and several unsuspecting women to later ask for money from them.

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