A fish shares its owner’s bank card number while playing Pokémon on Nintendo Switch

A fish has gotten its owner, a Japanese ‘youtuber’, into trouble while playing Pokémon since with the interface designed specifically for him he was able to make purchases in the Nintendo eShop, even showing bank card details.

The ‘youtuber’ Mutekimaru designed a user interface for his fish, so that from the fish tank, and while moving through the water, it was playing Pokémon Purple on the Nintendo Switch, thanks to different sensors.

Although it is not the first time that he has put his fish to play, this time, and during a broadcast, the interface failed and he exited the game to load the Switch home page. From here, the fish made its way to the Nintendo store where it acquired points.

During the ‘streaming’ he showed Mutekimaru’s bank card, but it was not the only thing that the fish did, since he also downloaded the application that allows him to play Nintendo 64 titles, bought a new avatar, changed his username and requested a confirmation email from PayPal.

As reported in UPI, the ‘youtuber’ contacted Nintendo to try to recover the money spent on his fish.

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