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A fleeing North Korean defector says it's a "miracle" he's living

  • Former North Korean soldier Oh Chong Song, who made headlines in November 2017 with his brave overflow, told his story in a first public television interview with a US station.
  • He told NBC Nightly News that it was a "miracle" that he was still alive, a feeling shared by the US military and South Korean doctors who fought for his rescue after five shots.
  • Some 30,000 North Koreans have quit since the Korean War to escape the tragedy of North Korean life.

A North Korean defector who escaped with a hail of bullets in November 2017 says he is fortunate enough to be alive.

In his first television interview with a US station since his escape, Oh Chong Song told NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt that it was a "miracle" he had identified.

Oh, a former North Korean soldier, made international headlines as he stormed through the demilitarized zone into South Korea and suffered several bullet wounds when his comrades who were hot on his heels outlined the fleeing man.

"I was very scared," Oh said to NBC, talking about his escape. "I wore a padded jacket and the bullet penetrated here and came out that way, because of that penetration wound, the muscle was blown apart and I could feel the warmth of the blood under me, I was still running."

He collapsed on the South Korean side of the demilitarized zone. "I thought I would die while I lay there," he explained. South Korean soldiers rushed to him and hauled him under cover.

Oh & # 39; s daring escape was captured on video:

"I watch this video from time to time and every time I see it, I realize that I'm alive is a miracle," said Oh. "I can not believe I'm in the video." He told NBC Nightly News that he was out of his mind while trying to escape. "I drove at a very high speed."

The escape to South Korea was an impulsive, spontaneous decision. He said if he had been caught, assuming they had not killed him while running, "he would either have been sent to a political prisoner concentration camp or, worse, executed by a firing squad."

The US medical doctor who treated the defector would never have thought that the young man who was shot five times during his escape would even make it to the hospital.

"I remember thinking that guy's probably going to die in the next 15 minutes," Sgt said. 1st Class Gopal Singh used to tell Stars and Stripes. The Black Hawk helicopter, flying as fast as it could fly at 160 mph, took at least 20 minutes to get to the hospital.

But Singh managed to keep him alive when Oh drifted out of consciousness and drifted out of consciousness.

"I am truly grateful to him and hope that there is an opportunity for him to meet him, if so, I would personally like to thank him for everything." the defector told NBC.

"It's really a miracle, he fought the whole way," Singh told reporters, saying he wanted to meet Oh. "But just knowing that he's okay, that's a pretty good reward."

Doctors who fought hard to keep Oh alive also called his survival a miracle.

When the defector arrived at the trauma center of Ajou University in Suwon, just outside Seoul, he bleeding and struggled to breathe. The doctors not only had to treat Oh with gunshot wounds, but they also had to deal with large parasites as they worked to repair his gut, which was ripped open by fragments of bullets.

South Korean surgeon Lee Cook-Jong said Oh was "like a broken glass".

"His life-signs were so unstable, he died of low blood pressure, he died of shock," he told CNN. I had several operations over several days. "It's a miracle he survived," said the doctor.


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