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Home News A Florida man was killed by a large flightless bird he owned

A Florida man was killed by a large flightless bird he owned

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Cassowary birds (file photo) are described as "dagger-like" claws

A 75-year-old man was killed in Florida after being attacked by a large flightless bird he owned.

The Alachua County Sheriff Department told the BBC that they had been summoned to the mansion on Friday and found the man badly wounded by a cassowary.

The man named Marvin Hajos was taken to the hospital by paramedics, where he died of his injuries.

The police are investigating, but initial information indicates that this was a "tragic accident".

It happened south of the city of Alachua in northern Florida.

"I understand the Lord was near the bird and eventually fell, and when he fell, he was attacked," Deputy Chief Jeff Taylor of the Gainesville Sun newspaper said.

A woman on the property claiming to be a partner to Mr. Hajos told the newspaper that he had "done what he loved."

Mr. Hajos had kept exotic animals for decades, including lamas, local newspapers reported.

Similar to emus, the cassowary is one of the largest and heaviest bird species in the world – and weighs more than 45 kg.

The birds can run up to 50 km / h and have a five-inch claw on each foot.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission considers Cassowary to be a Type II species that requires permission to own.

Police say the bird involved in the incident remains on the property.


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