News A Florida woman tried to make a bomb inside...

A Florida woman tried to make a bomb inside a Walmart with items from the store, according to police


(CNN) – A woman in Florida faces charges after she went to a Walmart in Tampa, obtained items from the shelves and began manufacturing an explosive device inside the store, authorities said.

Then, the woman, Emily Stallard, 37, tried to detonate him in the store on Saturday, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement Tuesday.

Emily Stallard, 37.

“A Walmart security guard noticed the woman… wandering the aisles of the store and opening unpaid items. The items included flammable materials, projectiles and matches, ”said the sheriff’s office.

The security guard called the sheriff’s office and also notified an off-duty agent at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation that he was in the store at the time. The officer and the security guard arrested her just before she lit a fuse and held her until other agents arrived, said WFLA, a CNN affiliate.

Agents rushed to the scene when they received reports from a customer trying to light a bomb inside the store.

“This woman had all the supplies she needed to cause mass destruction at her disposal,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister.

“If it had not been for the alert of an out-of-service security agent and an attentive security guard at Walmart, she could have continued with her plans to cause an explosion inside the store.”

Chronister urged people to report any unusual activity, saying it could help avoid a tragedy.

“I can’t emphasize enough: if you see something, say something. You don’t have to face a bad guy to be a hero. A phone call to the police when you detect something or someone suspicious can save lives, ”he said.

Stallard had a son with her at the time of the incident, authorities said. She was arrested on charges of attempted premeditated fire of a structure, bombardment with fire, contributing to the crime of a child, child abuse and aggression against a law enforcement officer. Officers said he spit on them while they arrested her.

She was arrested on a bond of US $ 8,500, according to the affiliated chain. Information about your lawyer was not immediately available.



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