a follower of Lula da Silva killed his friend who defended Bolsonaro in a political argument

José Roberto Gomes Mendes, 59, was stabbed to death by Luis Antonio Ferreira da Silva (42). They lived together in São Paulo.

What initially began as a political discussion about the heated dispute over the Brazilian presidency, which will be settled between Lula da Silva and Bolsonaro in the second round on October 30, ended in a bloody murder.

The tragic episode happened during the afternoon of this Tuesday, although it only transpired the next day. The scene of the crime was a house located on Avenida Santo André in the municipality of Itanhanga, on the coast of São Paulo, where two friends who lived together carried out a tense exchange of ideas regarding the electoral definition of the country.

The verbose crossing gradually rose in temperature until one of them stabbed to death the other.

The electrician was arrested for the homicide. Luis Antonio Ferreira da Silva42, who admitted to police officers that he had stabbed the stylist to death Jose Roberto Gomes Mendes (59), whom he accused of assaulting him in the first place. All for not coinciding with his political ideology and, especially, for certain comments that he could not bear.

As he recounted, the discussion began when the victim, a supporter of Bolsonaro, assured while having lunch that “everyone from the Workers’ Party (NdeR: the space led by Lula) is burglars“. Faced with that incrimination, he replied: “You are eating the food that a petista bought.”

José Roberto Gomes Mendes, the stylist killed by his friend after a political argument. Facebook photo.
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Then, according to the version he gave when he was interrogated, Gomes Mendes got up from the table and threw a frying pan and a radio at him. Ferreira da Silva, for his part, took a knife out of his hands he had grabbed and used it to fend off the fight.

According to the information that could be collected in the investigation, it was possible to observe at least eight stab wounds on the victim’s body, more precisely on the face, back and neck. The body was taken to the morgue for the forensic team to perform the corresponding autopsy.

Meanwhile, the Civil Police seized the knife used as a murder weapon and requested that the different skills be carried out at the scene. Ferreira da Silva was detained.

The detainee admitted that he killed his friend with “a hot head”

Delegate Arilson Brandao, from the General Investigations Division (DIG), provided a summary of how the crime happened, step by step: “Due to the political criticism of the victim, the suspect felt offended. Both began to argue and led in aggression”.

“One of them took a knife and, in the fight, the perpetrator of the crime managed to catch the victim’s weapon and stabbed her,” he completed in an interview he gave to Tribune TV.

In addition, he said that the man arrested for the homicide acknowledged in his testimony that he was repentant: “The accused alleged that he committed the crime with a hot head“.

Far from being an isolated event, it is part of a context of political violence due to the presidential elections. Mayra Goulart, from the Department of Political Sciences, specified: “Political violence was concentrated in local politics, with clashes between families and rival groups. In these elections, political violence took on an ideological turn, presenting itself as a dispute between right and left “.

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