a former conspiratorial gendarme remanded in custody for fraud

Alexandre Juving-Brunet is suspected of having created an illegal currency and embezzled several thousand euros. The Toulonnais, ex-presidential candidate, was indicted for “organized fraud” and placed in pre-trial detention.

He was hoping “resurrect a spirit of resistance“, “save France” or “offer the French a tool for exchanges independent of political control“, according to the terms of the website created for the promotion of its new currency, “The Free Franc”.

The Toulonnais Alexandre Juving-Brunet, former captain of the gendarmerie and candidate for the 2022 presidential election, was indicted for “organized gang scamindicates the prosecution of Toulon (Var), confirming information from our colleagues from France Blue.

Its website “Le Franc Libre” promotes a new currency where 1 Franc Libre = 1 Euro. Since July, users have been able to order coins and banknotes bearing the effigy of Clovis, Jeanne D’Arc, Napoleon or even De Gaulle…. They could also download an application allowing them to make online payments via this new currency.

With a promise : that of a “Free Franc” soon indexed to the price of gold or silver, which would replace the Euro.

The practices of Alexandre Juving-Brunet, a Var figure of conspiracy, known for his participation in the anti-vaccine movement in 2021, ended up alerting the Banque de France. The man would not have received no license to issue currency.

End of September, the Toulon public prosecutor’s office was therefore seized by the prudential supervisory authority of the Banque de Francepour “facts ofillegal activity of issuer of electronic money“, “la provision of banking payment services on a regular basis by a person other than a credit institution” et “the circulation of unauthorized currency in order to replace legal tenderindicates the public prosecutor of Toulon, Samuel Finielz.

The one who introduces himself as “inventor, patriot and former Saint-Cyrien captain of the Gendarmerie“, was finally arrested and indicted Thursday, November 24 for these three offences, as well as for “organized gang scam“.

According to our colleagues from France Blue, more than 4,000 people would have subscribed to his projectby placing an order on its website. Subscriptions representing 1.3 million eurosaccording to the Toulon prosecutor’s office.

According to the investigations carried out by the Toulon judicial police, “a significant part of this sum could have been used for personal purposes“, specifies the prosecution. Facts that the defendant disputes.

Alexandre Juving-Brunet, on the other hand, recognizes the materiality of the facts. He says he has “probably showed administrative negligence in the illegal establishment of these banking activities“.

Investigations are continuing to identify possible accomplices.

Alexandre Juving-Brunet has been incarcerated since Friday at the La Farlède penitentiary center. He did appeal against his detention on remand.