A former mayor and new faces: in Seine-Saint-Denis, the PS appoints its leaders for the legislative elections

They are not yet officially candidates, but in the starting-blocks. On Wednesday evening, Socialist Party activists appointed their leaders in Seine-Saint-Denis for the legislative elections. Six men and six women who will defend their candidacies on their behalf, or who could become substitutes in the event of an agreement with another left-wing party in one of the twelve constituencies.

Many names will not necessarily speak to the general public, except that of Daniel Guiraud, ex-mayor of Lilas from 2001 to 2020 and 1st vice-president of the departmental council. There are deputies (Leyla Temel at Education in Saint-Denis, Oumarou Doucouré, 1st deputy at La Courneuve…), section secretaries (Sophie Dernois, also elected at Saint-Ouen, Youri Etillieux at Bobigny, Carole Pourvendier in Aulnay…) and therefore many new faces like Amin Mbarki, national secretary of the PS, elected in Montreuil.

“The last time we had victorious candidates in Seine-Saint-Denis was in 2012, recalls Mathieu Monot, head of the federation since 2018. Yes, in ten years, there has been renewal and we can congratulate themselves on this mix between a new generation and personalities who have experience. And all of them have a local history. »

Discussions on the left despite the divisions of the presidential election

The PS 93, which had not won seats in the Assembly in 2017, was locally reinforced by victories in large cities in the municipal elections (Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen). He also managed to retain the county council. It suffers, on the other hand, from the weak national dynamic of its candidate Anne Hidalgo, credited with 1.5 to 3% in the polls for the first round of the presidential elections.

For the 1st federal secretary, discussions will necessarily take place with the other formations despite the divisions in the presidential election: “I call for a national surge of the left, which must find local repercussions. And if the national leaders are not able to have this discourse of reason, we will find methods of discussion for the legislative elections, ”he warns.

The constituency delegates: 1. Sophie Dernois; 2. Leyla Temel; 4. Oumarou Doucoure; 5. Youri Etillieux; 6. Francoise Kern; 7. Amin Mbarki; 8. Fatiha Hachi; 9. Daniel Guiraud; 10. Carole Pourvendier; 11. Cherifa Mekki; 12. Anne Krummenacher. In the 3rd, the designation had been postponed in anticipation of a possible 2nd round in the partial municipal in Neuilly-sur-Marne. It will take place the week of March 7.