A former member of the “Senior Scholars” comments on Saleh bin Humaid’s sermon on the “Jews”

date of publication:
August 06, 2022 6:49 GMT

Update date: August 06, 2022 9:10 GMT

The campaign of Israeli bloggers against a member of the Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid, continues until today, which coincides with the passage of a week since his sermon at the Grand Mosque in Mecca, in which he criticized the “usurping Jews.”

A former member of the Council of Senior Scholars and academic Sheikh Qais Al Sheikh Mubarak said, “What His Excellency Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid said last Friday is evidence of the perfection of his mind and the nobility of his morals, as he called for the support of the oppressed, and what he said is agreed upon by all sane people.”

Sheikh Qais added to “Iram News”: “All nations of the earth do not accept that one assaults another, let alone that a people be attacked, nor that a land be occupied and its people be harmed.”

And he indicated that “it was necessary for the occupying power and its media to realize the ugliness of their repeated aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque, claiming to search for the Temple, and to know that the forerunners of the Jews did not agree on the validity of the alleged temple’s existence, let alone its location.”

He continued: “Let the Jews know that they have absolutely nothing to do with Palestine, and that the history books testify that the Jebusites, who are one of the stomachs of the Arabs, migrated to Palestine with the Canaanite tribes, so they built Jerusalem next to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was built by our master Adam, peace be upon him.”

He explained that the Prophet of God, peace be upon him, commanded the Jews to enter Palestine, saying: (O people, enter the sanctified land) and refuse to enter it, claiming that they are afraid of their original people from the Canaanites (they said, “Moses, for it, for it.”

He pointed out that “the Jews did not have a state in Jerusalem until after the two prophets of God, David and Solomon, peace be upon them, entered it, and its rule lasted only seventy years, from 1000 BC until 928 BC.”

Sheikh Qais considered that what the Arab and Islamic countries, led by Saudi Arabia, are calling for, with its firm and honorable stance, regarding the necessity of the occupier’s departure from all Palestinian lands, is a fair stance, which is what must be decided upon.

Regarding the demands made by the Israeli media to review the sermons of the sheikhs in Saudi Arabia, he said: “We have nothing to be ashamed of. Our religion does not accept us from insulting or attacking anyone.”

It is noteworthy that Sheikh Saleh bin Humaid received widespread praise on social media in response to the criticism of him by Israeli bloggers that continued, after a video clip of the sermon he delivered last week at the Grand Mosque was circulated in which he criticized the “usurping Jews”, in reference to Israel.

And the sheikh, who found a very large number of defenders of him and his scientific and religious position in Saudi Arabia and many countries of the Arab and Islamic world, is one of the prominent religious figures through his scientific rank and the positions he holds in official institutions in Saudi Arabia.