A former motorcycling champion caught coronavirus to get a health pass | Chronicle

The Italian Marco Melandri, former champion motorcycle world championship, joined the controversy of anti-vaccine athletes, and acknowledged having contracted the illness deliberately for get the Green pass.

“I got the virus because I tried to get it and, unlike many vaccinated people, it took me a long time to get it. I did it on purpose so I could stay in order for at least a few months and it wasn’t easy. I had to get infected out of necessity, since I had to work and I didn’t consider the vaccine to be a valid alternative.”Melandri assured in an interview published by Men On Wheels magazine, in which he maintained that he was “Good, completely asymptomatic From the beginning”.

In addition, the 39-year-old former pilot considered that the health certificate, which is necessary to be able to carry out certain activities, is a “blackmail”. “I will only use it to work and if I have to accompany my daughter. I am only willing to use it for what is strictly necessary”, he emphasized.

“I have nothing against the vaccinated, just as I clearly have nothing against the unvaccinated. I am against violations of freedom. The Constitution tells us that we are free to choose and choose what to treat ourselves with, while this government has definitively shit on us”, he stated, while maintaining that any vaccine against covid-19 “it remains experimental until the contrary is proven” and that for this reason “one has every right to have doubts”.

Melandri, who was 250cc world champion in 2002 and MotoGP runner-up in 2005, is highly critical of the Italian government’s handling of the pandemic. “Italians are completely blinded by television and almost all newspapers,” Shooting.

In the last weeks, Italy recorded a worsening of the health situation. Despite this, Melandri considered that “Things are normal from a health standpoint.” “It is enough to turn off the television and go outside to realize that life continues normally.“, he claimed.

Melandri also expressed his support for Novak Djokovic: “It’s ridiculous what’s happening to him, he’s not to blame. This is no longer a health emergency, it’s just a political thing.”