A new case of sexual violence in sport. This time, it concerns swimming and would have taken place within the prestigious club of AAS Sarcelles. The newspaper The team reveals that a former swimmer, Julie Boursier, accuses one of her teammates of having raped her on several occasions between August 2010 – she was 15 at the time – and October 2013.

A preliminary investigation for rape was reopened last month by the Pontoise prosecutor’s office. A rebound in this case, which had been, in March 2019, closed because “the evidence of the commission of the facts could not be gathered at the end of the initial investigation”, explains the prosecution. The young woman had filed a complaint on July 2, 2018 at the Gonesse police station, before being heard by the gendarmes of the Montsoult brigade.

Facts which would have occurred in the locker room but also at the home of the swimmer

Since then, Julie Boursier and her lawyer, Me Nathalie Kerdrebez-Gambuli, have gone “to look for new elements”, allowing the case to be reopened. “After the confrontation with the young man, they considered that there was not enough evidence to continue. We then had access to the minutes, and noticed that there were deficiencies ”, indicates Me Nathalie Kerdrebez-Gambuli.

The president of the club heard Monday by the gendarmes

The president of the club, Guy Canzano – who had not been questioned by the gendarmes during the first investigation (only his wife had been heard) – went with his wife to the Montsoult gendarmerie, this Monday afternoon , to deliver their testimony.

The leader at the head of the club for 52 years, who gave his name to the municipal aquatic center, refutes all responsibilities and does not believe in Julie Boursier’s version. “Today, we can file a complaint for touching or rape without having the slightest proof,” he contests. How is it that no one heard anything? Why didn’t she scream? In the locker room after training, there are people, passing. What she says does not hold water. “

“I do not remember that she spoke to me about this subject”, affirms the treasurer of the club

At the time, the young woman said that she had tried to warn Christiane Canzano, who was then treasurer, by pointing out to her that it was not normal for girls and boys to share the same locker room and that it was happening. serious things ”without being more precise.

“I don’t remember her telling me about this. If we had been aware of this case, we would have discussed it with his parents, we saw them every day! assures the president’s wife. Why has she waited so long? The facts would have taken place between 2010 and 2013, she only spoke about it in 2018! “

Other testimonies support his complaint

The young woman has collected other testimonies to support her complaint. That of another swimmer who allegedly suffered touching from the same boy, while traveling by bus, while she was sleeping. There is also a swimmer in the group who remembers seeing him walk into busy cabins and get caught “with girls in the locker room.”

Guy Canzano remembers a young “adorable, hardworking and serious”. “He was brilliant. He could seem arrogant at times, but because he had facilities, ”says Mohammed, a close associate of the president.

“This affair will undoubtedly harm us”

Guy Canzano, just recovered from Covid-19 at 91, says he has sanctioned the youngster “only once” for a lack of investment in training. “He was in conflict with his coach, lacked rigor compared to other swimmers,” explains the president. But I never had a single complaint about his behavior, ever! “After this sanction, in 2014, the young man never set foot in the Sarcelles basins again.

The president fears that this affair will tarnish the club’s “world reputation”. “Yet in almost half a century, I’ve never had a single case here,” he insists. And there, suddenly, such a story comes out… It is not possible. Mohammed is worried about what the families of the dismissed will think. “Maybe parents will be afraid to put their children,” he says. This affair will undoubtedly harm us. “

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