A fourth international conference to deal with the food emergency in Syria

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After ten years of war, hunger is threatening the Syrians. The report is dramatic, when an international aid conference for Syria opened. Nine million people go hungry, that’s 40% more in a year, and the number continues to rise.

Josep Borrel, Head of Syrian Diplomacy: “An entire generation of Syrian children has known nothing but war. And it is not over because the Syrian people are still living in fear, they are still suffering. Their future is always taken hostage. And Europe cannot and will not look away. “

This is the fourth conference of its kind organized from Brussels and yet according to the UN Security Council, “current levels of aid provided across borders are far from sufficient“In north-western Syria, a real humanitarian crisis is raging. NGOs hope that the authorization for cross-border aid will be renewed by the United Nations after July 10.

Corinne Fleischer, Director for Syria of the World Food Program: “A basket of basic food for a Syrian family at the height of the conflict was ten times more expensive than before the conflict. Now it costs twenty times more. People tell us that they are waiting for prices to drop before they can buy food. food. They say they can’t afford it. Imagine they are waiting to buy food – not a television. In fact, they sell their refrigerators. “

In January, Russia closed two crossing points in Syria at the Turkish border. At the moment, there are only two border posts through which international aid can enter and reach the populations.



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