A free iPhone 8? You dreamed about it, RED by SFR did it (it ends this Sunday evening)

You have a few hours left to grab this RED Deal. By subscribing to a 100 GB mobile plan (itself at a reduced price), the operator gives you a refurbished iPhone 8 as a bonus. You have everything to gain, the offer is unbeatable.

Until this Sunday evening, RED by SFR gives you a huge opportunity to save money. If you subscribe to its (excellent) 100 GB mobile plan, it gives you a free, refurbished iPhone 8 as a bonus. This operation called “RED Deal” is in its third edition. Each time, it is a great success. It must be said that the offer is just unbeatable …

To see the content of the RED Deal, it’s here:

Discover the RED Deal

To come to the detail of this offer, here is what it is. RED by SFR offers you a reconditioned iPhone 8 “good condition” (worth 180 euros) for any subscription to its 100 GB mobile plan. The latter is already at a reduced price since it is only 15 euros per month instead of 20 euros. In the end, you therefore save money on all fronts. The package itself comes at a ridiculous cost.

100 GB at only 7.50 euros

While RED by SFR is known to have a range of no-obligation mobile plans, this RED Deal requires customers to stay 24 months. Considering the quality of the offer, this should not be a problem. And if necessary, know that the standard packages are also available and that they even benefit from an ultra attractive Big RED.

Why is this mobile plan with engagement so interesting? Let’s do the math to understand. The 100 GB plan costs you 15 euros per month over the 24 months of your subscription, or 360 euros in total (instead of 480 euros). As a bonus, you receive a refurbished iPhone 8 for a theoretical amount of 180 euros. If you sell this smartphone directly, you collect the same amount.

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In the end, your package (and the iPhone 8 sold) will therefore only cost you 180 euros over the entire period. This is therefore equivalent to a 100 GB mobile plan for only 7.50 euros per month (180/24 = 7.50). From a value for money point of view, you won’t find better. Even the special Big RED operation does not do as well: the package (admittedly, without commitment) with 100 GB per month is 12 euros. So you have it almost at half price with the RED Deal.

Discover the RED Deal

A mobile plan sold off at -60%

Compared to the basic rate of the RED by SFR mobile plan with 100 GB, you are therefore making a monstrous saving. You therefore pay 7.50 euros per month for a service which normally costs 20 euros per month. It’s really excellent, and you won’t find better anywhere else. It will just be necessary to manage the resale of the iPhone 8. However, you can still keep it if you need a good smartphone.

Why is RED by SFR so generous? Obviously, the telecom operator is far from being as generous throughout the year. If it is so aggressive on its mobile plan, it is because it seeks to boost volumes. He often adopts this strategy at the end of the quarter to achieve his goals. We are at the end of June and it is the end of the second quarter …

Clearly, the summer months are very calm when it comes to discounts on mobile plans. If you feel like cutting back on your budget, it’s in your best interest to go for it now. The RED Deal is an operation that took place for the first time in March. In May, RED by SFR repeated the experience – and this is the third time in June that we can enjoy it.

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A standard range with this Big RED

The RED Deal formula already ends this Sunday evening at midnight. If you don’t have the time (or if you don’t want the iPhone 8 and the commitment), you also have the option of going on a mobile plan without commitment. The Big RED operation puts the spotlight on 5, 100 and 200 GB packages at very attractive prices. It’s the same offer we find at its rival B & You this weekend.

This is the first time in history that we find a Big RED operation and a RED Deal at the same time. Regarding the first, for example, it drops the price of the 100 GB package (without commitment) to 12 euros per month instead of 15/20 in general. Likewise, the 200 GB package drops to 15 euros per month instead of 25 euros. For smaller consumers, the package with a volume of 5 GB is 5 euros.

In short, this last weekend of the quarter is a real festival at RED by SFR. Whatever package you take from him, you will be a winner. Our preference is for the RED Deal which combines the 100 GB plan with a free iPhone 8. That said, if you just fancy a cheap, no-hassle plan, Big RED’s offerings are also alluring.

For those who still need to convince themselves, our specialized guide on packages is available here. Unsurprisingly, you will be able to see that RED by SFR’s offers are positioned at the top of the comparative ranking. There’s no denying it, these are some of the best deals we’ve seen in recent years. To make real savings, you don’t have to wait any longer for this Sunday.

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To discover RED by SFR’s offer, it’s here:

Discover the RED Deal