A Frenchman competing for a triathlon has disappeared in South Africa


Research has been started in South Africa to find a Frenchman who has been missing since Friday night, coming to compete in a triathlon. A 48-year-old Frenchman came to compete in a triathlon South Africa , disappeared in the night from Friday to Saturday, the day before the competition, announced Monday the police of Port Elizabeth . According to the images captured by the video surveillance cameras, David Bellet-Brissaud, an amateur triathlete living in Gabon, left the hotel where he was staying with his wife around 1am. After a few steps in the street, the cameras then lost track, the South African police said. He leaves without his phone. Since then, the Frenchman has not given any news. He was scheduled to compete in the Sunday Iron Man Africa triathlon competition. His wife, Lydie Bellet-Brissaud, noticed his departure later that night and noticed that he had not taken his mobile phone. She told a news conference in Port Elizabeth on Monday that her husband felt “enthusiastic but also stressed” by the race. The French authorities have launched a Wanted poster : [NOTICE OF SEARCH] DAVID BELLET BRISSAUD MISSED at PORT ELIZABETH on April 13, 2018 https://t.co/5peyPfZVai pic.twitter.com/fXCipX0OdX – France in Cape Town (@FranceCapeTown) April 16, 2018 Expatriate in Gabon since 1981. According to his sister, Vanessa Perret Bellet-Brissaud, the missing Frenchman comes from Mulhouse. He is responsible for purchasing at the company logging company (SEEF) in Gabon and resides in Libreville since 1981. “It is someone who does not drink, it is set like a clock, very sporty.He was preparing for triathlon “, did she say. The brother and sister of the French sportsman arrived Sunday in Port Elizabeth. The family decided to offer a reward of 12,000 rand (800 euros) for any information that could help the police. The South African police have deployed a helicopter and dogs to try to find the triathlete, for now without success.


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