A Frenchman wins 160 million euros at the Euromillions (video)

If the big winner did not wish to reveal his identity, we still know that he is a man in his sixties. He has been playing every week since the Euromillions was created in 2004. “I had never won anything before; anyway, I like it as much as it is a big sum at once”, said he also declared to the FDJ when he went to get his check.

And this large sum, the sexagenarian and his wife already know what they are going to do with it. They obviously planned to please their children and loved ones, but also to buy a second home near the sea and a chalet in the mountains.

The couple also plan to travel. “To choose the destination, we will spin a globe like in the Loto advertisement of the 2000s.” But just because they don’t need the money anymore doesn’t mean they’ll stop playing. “I also won 3.70 euros in the next draw; I was very happy,” laughs the husband.

The boss of the tobacco shop: “I don’t know anything at all”

For her part, Isabelle Lelieux, the boss of Rive Droite, Rive Gauche, the bar-tabac in which the ticket was validated has no idea of ​​the identity of the lucky one. “I don’t know anything at all. and I haven’t noticed any changes in my customers’ habits. I just hope the winner needed the money and will please those around him,” he said. she told La Voix du Nord.