Jeanne Friske

Jeanne Friske

The head of the family Friske shared that he and mother Jeanne are constantly called by strangers and are comforted due to the fact that the son of the singer, six-year-old Plato, because of the father’s ban, does not see his grandparents. This is a long-standing decision of the TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev.

Vladimir Friske dreams that the new girl Shepeleva, 36-year-old Ekaterina Tulupova, will persuade the chosen one to allow Plato to see his relatives. “His girlfriend doesn’t interest me at all, we don’t communicate. For me, the main thing is that the grandson be with us, but so fate decreed. Catherine may be a good girl, but I don’t believe that she will convince him, ”said Zhanna Friske’s father.

The artist’s dad also said that his family had a large debt to Rusfond, but now he is not. “All debts are paid off. It is all over. We then found ourselves in such a stalemate situation. We had no money then. One person helped us a lot. He is from the world of show business. The debt was in the region of 22 million rubles. This man called me and said he wanted to help in memory of Jeanne. He nevertheless had to borrow about two million rubles in order to completely pay off all his debts to a charitable organization, ”Vladimir Friske admitted in the program“ The Stars Aligned ”.

Parents of Jeanne Friske

Parents of Jeanne Friske

Recall that Jeanne Friske died of cancer in 2015. Friske’s brain tumor was discovered a year and a half before his death. In January 2014, the family and loved ones reported that surgery was not possible. Channel One organized a fundraiser for the singer’s treatment. Over four days more than 60 million rubles were collected.

After the singer’s death, a scandal broke out between Rusfond and the star’s family. The charity asked Zhanna’s relatives to return the amount that had not been spent on her treatment. However, the Friske family did not comply with the Rusfond demand, citing the fact that the entire amount allocated was directed to pay bills from medical institutions. True, the native singers could not provide the court with the documentation.

In May of this year, the family of Jeanne Friske still returned to the charity a third of the amount collected for the treatment of the artist. As the official representative of the fund, the organization received 7 million 980 thousand rubles. In addition, the Rusfond noted that the funds received were from the sale of property that Friske’s relatives inherited.

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