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A friend of Darmanin at the head of public finances

From Bercy to … Bercy. From the hotel of ministers at the head of the powerful French tax administration, Jerome Fournel, 51, will not have a long way to go to change offices. The director of cabinet of Gérald Darmanin, the Action and the Public Accounts, since the beginning of the five-year term was appointed, Wednesday in Council of Ministers, Director General of Public Finance (DGFIP). Former tax advisor to Matignon Jean-Pierre Raffarin and Dominique de Villepin (2004-2007) after passing at Luc Ferry (Education) this father of three children then headed the customs.

Coming from the right, loyal to the public service, Jérôme Fournel takes over from Bruno Parent at the head of the DGFIP. The latter, appointed in 2014, left after carrying out – with a little delay but without mistakes and giving his person to prevent a setback Emmanuel Macron – the reform of withholding tax. Fournel can, to his credit, have been in Bercy, political side, at the time when France came out of the European excessive deficit procedure by presenting, two years in a row, a public deficit of less than 3% of GDP .

In addition to the many financial texts published since 2017 by Darmanin, Fournel has also piloted bills on the right to make mistakes and fight against tax fraud. At the DGFIP, he will find on his desk files he knows well: the simplification of the declaration of income announced for next year, the completion of the withholding tax (for homeworkers in particular) and the reform called "proximity geography", ie the return of public officials to rural and peri-urban areas. But the big issue that awaits the senior official is the announced elimination of more than 2,000 positions in the tax administration in 2019. Voluntary departures, retirement … Fournel will also be responsible for merging some of its services with those of customs dedicated to collecting taxes. That's good: he was six years at the head of this house, from 2007 to 2013.

Lilian Alemagna



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