A future mother killed on the road to motherhood

A future mother killed on the road to motherhood

A 22-year-old mother named Nikitiana Mavroforos died in the night from Saturday to Sunday, around 1:30 am, on a country road in Beloeil, near Tournai, Belgium, announces The Province. She was on the maternity journey with her partner when the young couple collided with another vehicle in still unclear circumstances. A baby in advance The unborn baby, a baby girl, was also killed in the accident. As for the future father, Andrew Demarlier, he has been seriously injured and is in critical condition. The driver of the other vehicle was slightly injured. The lovers had been together for a little over a year and were expecting their first child for the month of May. But the baby was in a hurry as the young couple took the car in the night. The tragedy took place just ten kilometers from where she had to give birth. According to La Voix du Nord , the young woman, who would have turned 23 on June 13, was fired at a Muay Thai boxing club in Fresnes-sur-Escaut (North). In shock after hearing about his disappearance, his boxing friends will pay tribute to him next weekend by wearing a T-shirt with his effigy at the championships of France.

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