A gathering of high school students and several demands at Madame-de-Staël high school, in Montluçon (Allier)

These high school students claim that they were up to two hundred, this Monday morning, to block access to the Madame-de-Staël high school, in the city center of Montluçon (Allier). They were demonstrating against inconsistencies in their schedule, a lack of staff within the boarding school, but also to refuse to give up on certain clothing practices.

Mobilization in high schools and colleges: the “crop top” upside down

Crop top and low rise jeans

“We want to show with this blockade that we are opposed to a change in the current internal regulations which would like to ban several clothes, in particular crop tops (a dress that allows you to see the navel of the one who wears it, editor’s note) or low-waisted jeans, ”explained a student on Monday. One argument of the protesters is that there are no such prohibitions for men.