A German consortium is involved in the implementation of 5 new petrochemical projects


06/10 19:49

The German company Tessen Krupp, which works in the fields of infrastructure, oil, energy and fertilizer projects, has decided to start implementing five new projects in the petrochemical sector in cooperation with Egyptian oil companies. Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources Tareq Al-Mulla, Chairman of the German-Arab Chamber of Industry and Commerce, and representatives of the German company Tessen Krupp in the fields of infrastructure, oil, energy and fertilizer projects. Possible between the oil sector and the German group in the implementation of new petroleum projects for refining and petrochemicals in light of the work program of the ministry to expand projects to maximize value added and increase the productive capacities of petroleum and petrochemical products to For the local market. At the beginning of the meeting, Mulla stressed the keenness of the ministry to expand cooperation with German companies to work in the oil sector in the light of the investment opportunities available and the current vision of the ministry in the medium term, which aims to implement many major projects, praising the German companies possess of expertise and technological capabilities can To benefit from the implementation of new projects through joint cooperation with oil sector companies, explaining that the oil sector will study the possibilities available to activate cooperation between the two sides in this regard. For his part, the representative of the German company Tessen Krupp expressed the company’s desire and capabilities in the implementation of new projects for refining and petrochemicals. He expressed the company’s readiness to work together with the Egyptian oil companies operating in this field such as ENPI, Petrojet and SAAN Egypt, Which includes the project of polyadipadiene plant at Ethedco, the project of propylene and polypropylene factories with the expansion of Sidbek petrochemical complex, the formaldehyde production project and its derivatives in Damietta port, in addition to the ammonia production project in Anrabak and Mashrou P for the production of central distillates such as potash and diesel at the AMOC complex.


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