A giant company proposes an unprecedented solution to the British… to escape heating costs

A giant British tourism company has proposed an unprecedented solution for Britons to overcome the high energy bills that will exhaust them during the winter when the cost of heating homes becomes high. To the levels of gas and electricity bills that will haunt the British.

The British travel agency, “Travel Time”, recently revealed a campaign called “The Heat is On”, which it said aims to encourage Britons worried about the cost of living in the winter to travel for long vacations in warm places with lower costs.

According to a report published by the British newspaper The Independent and seen by Al, Travel Time highlighted daily costs in sunny destinations such as Malta, Portugal, Thailand and Florida, in addition to providing advice on travel management such as visas and others.

The company said in its campaign: “After staying at home during the two years of the epidemic, and as we approach winter, the country is facing another challenge, which is the energy crisis, where the cost of electricity and gas is expected to rise six times, and bills are expected to rise to more than From £6000 a family by next spring (about £500 a month)”.

“When it’s warmer outside during the winter, why not take advantage of that and maybe lower your cost of living by living outside for part of the year,” she added.

Travel Time travel agent Ashley Quint said: “There are some places in Europe to go that cost £20 a day, if one knows where to go.”

She said many customers are looking for “warm places during the day,” noting that “Spain, Portugal, Malta and the Canary Islands are a little more expensive because it’s high season there.”

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“Thailand and Malaysia are especially good, you can stay somewhere reasonable for £15 a night in Thailand,” Quint added.

She noted that long holidays will attract retirees more than others, but also to those who work remotely and those who can work flexibly.

The company says that while the cost of travel to winter sun destinations can be significant, the average cost of living there can be much better than the cost of living in Britain.

Research published in January by money exchange firm Claire Crancy showed that the average total monthly spending on living costs such as household utilities, food shopping and fuel in Costa Rica was £203.10, while in Malta it was £227.86 and in Mexico it was £277.